Porcelain veneers


porcelain veneers

Good-looking veneers are a feast for the eye. A porcelain veneer consists of a paper-thin shell created externally by a technician. Just like a crown it is then glued on.

We will polish your tooth a bit to create space. You see, a porcelain veneer must be at least half a millimetre thick. By polishing your tooth, the veneer will feel quite natural once it is glued on. You chose porcelain when you want your teeth to look good for a longer period of time. Chances are that you will never have to replace the porcelain, since it is of the very highest quality and colourfast.

Would you like to know in advance what your new smile will look like? Try our Digital Smile Design.

Click on the arrows inside the photo below and drag the image from left to right to see the result of aesthetic surgery with veneers.

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