In February 2010, Anaëlle Koss came to the Netherlands with her husband from Paris, after being freshly graduated from the Faculté dentaire Garancière - Paris VII. Immediately after her arrival in the Netherlands, Anaëlle started energetically with her work at the dental chair in first Heemskerk and a year later in Rotterdam. Anaëlle is BIG registered with number 49912370302.

Ilse (I.C.) van de Veer completed the study of Dentistry at the Academic Centre for Dentistry in Amsterdam (ACTA) in 2009. She did an internship in the field of Prosthodontics at Columbia University in New York and wrote a thesis about the differences between extensive treatment plans in the Netherlands and North America. Ilse is BIG registered with number 69912406802.

Ben Rese graduated from the Free University of Amsterdam in 1977 and then settled in our capital until 1994 with his own practice. Ben then exchanged Amsterdam for Utrecht in the next 11 years. In 2005 he returned to Amsterdam and from that moment on he has been working withTandartsenpraktijk Van de Veer. His dental passion lies in minimally invasive dental and oral care. Ben is BIG registered with number 29023454902.

We are members of The Royal Dutch Dental Association (KNMT).

Our health professionals are registered in the Dutch BIG register (Dutch Individual Health Care Professions Act).

Our dental hygienists are registered in the Quality Register Dental Hygienists (KRM).

Our dentists are also registered with the Quality Register for Dentists.