new: the digital oral scan

a giant leap forward in patient comfort

New in our practice: the digital oral scan

Most patients experienced ‘biting’ for a crown, bridge or braces as extremely unpleasant and some even became unwell. Fortunately, this is now a thing of the past at Van de Veer Tandartsen with the introduction of the digital intraoral scanner.

Our practice has invested in the most modern digital instrument in dentistry at this moment: the three-dimensional intraoral scanner. This advanced scanning device replaces the old-fashioned 'biting' for an impression of your teeth and is a very comfortable and pleasant alternative. In addition, it also offers a wide range of benefits in the field of prevention.

The size of the scanning area is the same size as a toothbrush. The built-in camera glides easily and quickly over your teeth, while simultaneously recording advanced 3D video recordings of your teeth and mouth.

Van de Veer Dentists introduces digital mouth scanner

A detailed scan of your teeth
Thanks to the advanced digital technology of the oral scanner, we are able to visualize your teeth down to the smallest detail. For example, even the color of your teeth can now be determined very accurately. The result of the digital mouth scan is immediately visible on the screen so that you can follow everything and watch.

Once the scan is complete, the data is sent digitally to our dental laboratory. There, a perfect model is printed on the basis of which the following dental products are manufactured:

Crowns and bridges
• Implants
• Frames
• Dental plates
• Prostheses
• Mouthguards
• Grinding plates
• Brackets

Because the digital intraoral scan is very precise, the fitting accuracy of your crown, bridge, grinding plate, prosthesis or implant will be excellent. But that is certainly not the only advantage! The device very accurately records all changes in your teeth that have occurred over time and compares them directly with the previous scans. And what better way to visualize the effects of possible orthodontic treatment? It is simply a revelation to see how the device can simulate realistic dental corrections based on a digital mouth scan.

Van de Veer Dentists introduces advanced intraoral scanning device

Preventive insights
But there is still more. Our digital oral scanner provides an early picture of dental wear and treatment needs. The naked eye can see a lot, but not everything. The scan can also detect plaque, gum recession and tartar, so that many dental problems can be prevented at an early stage.



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