Dental abscess


dental abscess

An abscess is a swelling filled with purulence (pus). The swelling is often the result of a bacterial infection and causes pain. An abscess in the mouth frequently occurs. Although this condition can be quite painful, it can easily be cured.

An abscess in the mouth can be prevented through proper oral hygiene. Brush and floss your teeth often and visit our practice for a check-up twice a year. Also try to limit the number of times you eat during the day: if you eat or snack all day long, your saliva is not given enough time to perform its cleansing and protective duties.

If you have symptoms of an abscess your practitioner at Van de Veer dentists will first check to see where the infection is located. If there are no visible abnormalities, we make an X-ray. This will show if the root of the tooth is affected. An abscess treatment of the gums (periodontic abscess) consist of cleaning the swelling and flushing the pocket. At an endodontic abces the dentist will usually perform a root canal treatment.

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