Dental erosion


dental erosion

Dental erosion is erosion of the teeth at which the protective enamel layer of the teeth and molars becomes thinner and thinner and in the end even disappears. This can lead to unpleasant complaints such as pain, cavities or unattractive teeth. Tooth enamel is corroded among others things by acidic foods and beverages. This wearing is irreversible: lost enamel can not grow back or be reapplied. We can however fill up the worn teeth or, in more serious cases, replace them.

Treating dental erosion is mostly about preventing further damage. The lost enamel can not be restored. If you have light to moderate symptoms of dental erosion you will receive tips regarding dental care and eating habits. If case of advanced wearing the dentist can treat the consequences of dental erosion by restoring the dentition. The damaged teeth and molars are then filled with composite, the material that is also used when filling cavities. In extreme cases placing crowns, facings or other prosthetics is a better solution.

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