Dental injuries


dental injuries

Your dentition is quite strong. Yet occasionally a tooth is damaged due to for example a blow or an accident. Sometimes a part of the tooth breaks off, but a tooth or molar can also be knocked out completely with its root. Knocked out or broken off teeth are two of the most common forms of dental injury in children and adults. Since the molars are situated in the back of the mouth, they are better protected against blows and punches. A broken off molar is still common but is usually caused by chewing on something hard.

A broken off or knocked out tooth or molar is an emergency situation. Make sure that you are being assisted as soon as possible. This is your best chance of recovery.

If a child still has their milk teeth dental injury is usually left untreated: the milk teeth are in time replaced by the permanent teeth. Of course we will polish any sharp edges of the broken off tooth to prevent the child from scraping their tongue or lip.

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