Anaëlle Koss

Anaëlle Koss

In February 2010, Anaëlle Koss came to the Netherlands with her husband from Paris, after being freshly graduated from the Faculté dentaire Garancière - Paris VII. Immediately after her arrival in the Netherlands, Anaëlle started energetically with her work at the dental chair in first Heemskerk and a year later in Rotterdam. Anaëlle is BIG registered with number 49912370302.

Anaëlle Koss has been working at Van de Veer dental practice at Tussenmeer in Amsterdam Osdorp since April 2015. She herself says: “I work here with a lot of pleasure and have a special affinity with aesthetic dentistry and crown and bridge work. I also like to work in a relaxed atmosphere with room for questions and explanations. I have a calm nature and know how to let both anxious patients as children to feel at ease. A good relationship with my patients is very important to me as a dentist.

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