Aesthetic dental care


aesthetic dental care

Cosmetic or aesthetic dental care is the discipline in which the dentist focuses on enhancing the appearance of the teeth. Since teeth and molars play an important part in how people look patients are placing increasingly higher demands on the aesthetics of their teeth and molars.

With the help of tooth coloured facings and filling materials, such as porcelain or composite, as well as crowns, inlays and bridges, we can improve the shape, position and colour of your teeth and molars.

However, each and every restoration and change must suit you and appear as natural as possible. And that requires skills. With the aid of new techniques such as Digital Smile Design (a pre-treatment impression of the intended result) we can show you in advance what your teeth and your smile will look like after the treatment.

Bleaching (whitening) and orthodontic treatments also fall under the scope of the extensive field of aesthetic dental care. At Van de Veer dentists we offer you the latest technologies.

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