Frames and prosthetics


frames and prosthetics

A dental prosthesis can consist of a partial (frame) or complete denture prosthetic. In addition, you can choose between a fixed or a removable denture.

fixed denture
At Van de Veer dentists a fixed denture is supported by implants in the jaw. The tooth prosthesis consists of porcelain teeth and molars, also referred to as a bridge.

click prosthesis
The traditional tooth prosthesis is a denture. It consists of elements mounted to a plate in the mouth. One disadvantage is that this does not always feel comfortable. A click prosthesis could be a good alternative then. This prosthesis is attached to 2 or more implants in each jaw, so that the plate can be dispensed with. No prosthesis of any kind has a negative effect on the sense of taste.

At a frame the teeth and molars are secured onto a metal plate that is attached to existing teeth and/or molars using clasps.

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