The term orthodontics comes from the Ancient Greek words orthos (straight) and odontos (tooth). The influence of orthodontics is visible in everyday life in the dental braces that people wear, which use brackets and rubber bands to exert permanent pushing and pulling forces on the groups of teeth until the required alignment has been achieved.

During the course of the treatment, the patient usually has to wear the braces day and night (the active treatment period).  After this, the braces are often only worn at night (the retention period). Nowadays we also usually place fine metal wires (retainers) behind the teeth, in order to hold the dentition in the right position after brace treatment.

A good alternative these days is the invisible brace or aligner. These are removable, virtually invisible and still ensure a quick and permanent result.

We will digitise your teeth, calculate the desired corrections and show you the end result in 3D. Your invisible braces are custom-fit and replaced every two weeks with different braces from your -also customised - follow-up kit. Are you still having doubts? Come by for a consultation visit.

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