Root canal treatments


root canal treatments

Root canal treatments, also known as nerve treatments or endodontic therapy, are often unjustly the subject of unpleasant and painful stories. The procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic and is painless as a result.

There are various reasons why a dentist carries out a root canal treatment. In most cases the living part of a tooth/molar (the pulp) is infected or has been infected. During a root canal treatment we remove the infected tooth tissue. Infected tissue will not heal. It is an irreversible process.

By starting a root canal treatment and removing the pulp tissue and the nerve fibres it contains, we can quickly cure your toothache. At a root canal treatment the nerve cells in the tooth (if still present) are removed, the canals are cleaned and usually temporarily filled, so that at your next visit the treatment can be concluded. A root canal treatment at Van de Veer dentists usually lasts an hour.


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